Affilate Disclosure

This is a disclosure to attempt to fully comply with the FTS policy that states we should be open and transparent about any and all affiliate relationships this website may have.  Some of the links that we provide you on this web site may be to affiliate web sites, which will store a cookie on your web browser and will pay us a commission should you decide to purchase their product or service.  This is a genuine and honest way to pay for the upkeep and operation of websites.

The links will be shortened and hidden to make them more presentable on the screen, after all who wants to click a link that looks like a maths equation from school that we’d all rather forget about?

We do not receive any money or other form of payment for any review post or comments placed on this site. We do not directly sell any service or product.

We hope this information gives you the confidence in Organica Network and our intentions to provide you with a legitimate and honest service.

Should you wish to know more please visit our contact us page to get in touch.

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