Landscaping: Lawn Care Made Simple


A beautiful luscious green lawn is something most homeowners love to have at the front of their house. However lawn care it’s not always as easy to keep things that way.  Environmental concerns about water and fertiliser use can be challenging but should certainly not prevent you having a wonderful lawn and the benefits it provides in landscaping. Lawn care can be a simple task.

Lawn Care Green Lawn
Lawn – Sam DeLong

In some parts of Australia there is a tendency to plant water-wise gardens, and lawns do not often feature in this design.  However having a lawn provides benefits such as additional cooling during hot summers, when compared to paved or astroturf. Water runoff and non-replenishment of the water table is also increased when lawns are removed. So don’t always consider your lawn to be a bad thing!  We do however need to manage our lawns well in order to minimise the resources needed to keep them healthy and green.

Lawn Care

The most important piece of Lawn Care advise is to visit your lawn once or twice a week to see how its doing.  This simple, and pleasant task, should enable you to see problems with your grass as soon as they begin. With time on your side you can rectify the situation before it gets out of hand. Here are some of the weekly checks you can make on your lawn:


Everyone hates weeds. You are not alone! Every time you check over your lawn make the habit of pulling out a handful of any of the weeds you see.  This will help to prevent them spreading. Most important you should never get to the stage where you need to spend all day weeding. Lawn Care shouldn’t be back breaking.


Landscape - Lawn Care
Morning Drink – Matt McGee

Check your sprinkler heads.  Just take a second to place over a couple of your sprinkler heads and make sure they are not getting buried or overrun with grass.  Remove any excess soils or grass around them. It will be easy if you check regularly.  The sprinklers are the most important part of caring for your lawn. Look after them.  Look for patches where the sprinkler might be missing. Make a note to check these sprinkler heads asap.

Landscaping Lawn Care
Lawn by Kevin Dooley


Take a quick look at your grass. Is it wilting? If so now is the time to water it and ensure that it gets a good drink.

Fertiliser and Wetting Agents

These should not be part of your weekly routine.  If your lawn is starting to suffer then use your weekly check to decide when to add your choice of fertiliser or wetting agent.

Enjoy Your Lawn

Your ten minute weekly lawn care check should be an enjoyable task. Take the time to relax and enjoy being outdoors.