What to do if you find a Small Hornet Nest.

Hornet by Erich Ferdinand

Bees and Wasps have recently been declared responsible for more deaths in Australia than any other animal. They are officially Australia’s most deadly creature, more deadly than snakes and sharks. It is the fact that bees, wasps and hornets are so common to us they we don’t always recognise their dangerous potential.  So what should you do if you find a small hornet nest in your back yard? First of all don’t panic because it generally takes a severe allergic reaction for a sting to be life threatening.

It’s not all bad news

Bee By Bob Rayner

Bees are good and are an essential part of our ecosystem for pollination of plants, in fact domestic bee hives are being actively encouraged. But bees have things to do and they get a good rep.  Wasps and hornets on the other hand don’t get such a favorable look in.  Hornets can help with keeping other predatory insects at bay but wanting their removal is a completely understandable situation.  We would recommend calling a local pest control specialist who would be able to take the appropriate action and preventative measures to stop the hornets rebuilding a nest in the same location.

Should I try remove a small hornet nest on my own?

Small Hornet Nest
Hornets by Michael Lehet

Like many things it’s usually best left to the professionals, but if the nest is small and you are therefore determined to do it your self then take heed of the following advise.

  • only attempt to remove a nest if it is small and in an easy to reach location.
  • remove the nest after dark. The hornets should all be in the nest and less active.
  • use a strong plastic bag to enclose and contain the nest.
  • wear as much protective clothing as possible.
  • really consider contacting a pest control professional to remove the hornet nest.