Make Your Own Vertical Pallet Garden


Vertical gardening has risen in popularity over the past few years, but the vertical pallet garden is both easy to make and is significantly cheaper to make than some of the commercially available options. This article will give you some great tips on how to build your own vertical pallet garden.Vertical Pallet Garden - by various brennemans

First Find a Pallet

Pallets are one of those amazing weird objects that seem to be everywhere when you don’t need one but you can never find one when you really want one.  Try some local businesses that take deliveries on pallets, maybe local wholesalers or markets are a good location too.  Try get a pallet that doesn’t have too much paint on it, unless that’s the look you’re after.  Also remember that if you want to grow edible plants in your pallet then the paint and chemicals used to treat the pallet might not be what your plants want to grow in.  Heat Treated Pallet

Heat treated pallets can be found and they are usually marked HT these are safe to use, as are pallets marked KD for Kiln Dried.  You must avoid pallets marked MB as these have been treated with a powerful pesticide called Methyl bromide.

What You Will Need

Aside from your pallet you will need sandpaper, scissors, a staple gun (with staples of course), a roll of weed cloth or landscape fabric, some potting soil, and finally your plants.

How You Make Your Vertical Pallet Garden

First of all sand your pallet down to get rid of any rough edges. Wearing gloves and eye protection is probably a good idea! Watch out for splits in the wood and any nails that may be protruding.
Vertical Pallet Garden by various brennemans

Once that’s done you can begin to create pockets in each of the gaps in the pallet.  Cut the weed cloth into small strips and staple these into the gaps. This might take a bit of trial and error but you’ll soon find out what works best for your size of pallet.  Pockets completed then it’s time to stand your pallet upright and fill them with soil.  If you can it’s a good idea to fasten your pallet to a wall to prevent it falling over, or lean it at a slight angle and foot the bottom.

If your pallet is going to be directly against a house wall, on a balcony perhaps, it can be a good idea to cover the whole back side with some waterproof material to prevent damp getting onto the wall.

Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.